About Natural Family Month

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When it comes to procedures to follow for optimal results, commonly referred to as "best Practices", most folks think immediately of recommended standards for businesses and professionals.  All well and good, but what about the family, is there not a need for a best practice in this historical institution?

Of course there is and it is called the Natural Family Way which sadly in today's America is seldom acknowledged, let alone practiced.  With a 50% divorce rate, spousal abuse, children living in single family homes where the State has become the daddy, the age old tradition of the natural family has become diluted, fragmented and headed into extension.

That is exactly why we are proposing to initiate a Natural Family Celebration from mother's day thru father's day annually.  It is here where we can reclaim the foundation of all society, one biologically man, and one woman in a livelong, committed relationship.  And please, this is a goal, a vision, a best practice if you will and not meant to judge or criticize any family, but to encourage.   As with man himself, no family is ever perfect and mistakes are made.  That doesn’t mean we should stop focusing on becoming the best we can be as individuals and family, amen?

It is said that  "Where there is no vision the people perish" and the family in  America is in pretty sad shape because we have flat out lost that vision of what it was meant to be. The good news is that we are not so far gone that we can't change, especially when we focus on better family practices.  And what better vision  than a historically poven best practice known as the natural family = "one biological born man, woman in a lifelong monogamous relationship with their biological and yes even adopted children".  Again, no one is perfect but that does not change the truth, the way and the good of the natural family life.  So "let's get er done" eh? Lets' restore that family foundation. Learn more at

Here is what we propose.

Dates:  2024

     May 12th - 18th--Celebrate Mothers!

     May 19 - May 25th--Celebrate Children

     May 26th - June  1st --Celebrate Grandparents

      June 2nd - June 8th--Celebrate Extended Families!

      June 9th - June 16th--Celebrate Fathers!