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The Natural Family is the cornerstone of all civilization.  Societies must do all they can to maintain, nurture, promote and protect this critical family unit. The moral fabric of a society is obliged to protect this family representation, and virtuous social contracts act like constraints surrounding and providing for its support. When the fabric is torn and/or the social contracts become immoral, working against the traditional family, then society as a whole is threatened with extinction.  For society to survive, the fabric must be mended by readjusting the social constraints/contracts (public opinion) to once again favor the age-old Natural Family prototype.

Institutions within a society are obliged to acknowledge the validity and legality of original Natural Family model and build their institutional foundations upon and around it. This means that the business community, news media, education providers, entertainment, government and the church should all do whatever is necessary to support the natural family as if their organizational lives depended upon it...because they do. 

Within the family there must be a clear male leader (e.g. father, grandfather, uncle, male elder cousin) and that leader must come from the family's lineage.  Leadership should not come from the church, the state or any of the other key influences in a society. The stability of the family rests on the extent to which family leadership is able to keep itself from being threatened or co-opted by outside influences that are not fully supportive of the Natural Family. When traditional roles within the family become challenged, are made unclear or altered, a hostile environment is created that threatens the strength and viability of the family.

 The key role of any good society is to develop and maintain laws with a foundation rooted in a morally strong value system that has the Natural Family's benefit as its primary purpose for existing. Once again it is critically important that the business community, media, education, entertainment, government, and the church should all base their written or spoken agreements, commitments and understandings of how to be a moral role model in society on this primary purpose. In short..." as goes the family so goes the nation"...end of story, and if we are not extremely careful at this juncture, it will be the end of our history as Americans.


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