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It is said that man is a creature of habit and perhaps that is why George Sanataya cautioned 'Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.' Or maybe you agree more with Mark Twain who said "History doesn't repeat itself . . . but it does rhyme."


So in today's world with what rhyme and reason doth we proceed? As we listen to our nation's leaders and watch their ways it is becoming quite apparent that history is about to repeat itself. Political candidates promote themselves over and over again on the same stale promises, yet we keep reelecting them and seem helpless to stop this national insanity. Our borders are a mess and healthcare is in the emergency room.  Meanwhile the government continues to borrow and spend with no end in sight.


But it does not stop there. One third of our nation's children are being killed before they are ever born.Those that survive this holocaust are placed in government run indoctrination schools where they are brainwashed into believing that life has no meaning and morals are relative. We then wonder why these poor confused souls who attend these public schools gravitate towards drug usage or worse yet,  kill themselves and/or their classmates.


News media, entertainment and business concerns affirm the schools' meaningless messages and demand compliance. Meanwhile our  nation's Judges hold a club over the other two other branches of government as they continue to rule over our moral suicide.  And where is God in all of this?  "As goes the church so goes the nation", right? Sadly the corporate church has married itself to the state which leaves us with one slim possibility of escape. That escape route goes thru you and I - the public, we the people. But how do we stop this madness? What weapon could possible prevail against such incredible odds?


First of all, we need a plan but in order to have a plan one needs a goal or a vision if you will.  Sociologist, management consultants and even the bible tells us that where there is no vision the people perish. So what should that vision be? Some of you are already there, others are scratching your heads thinking about it but the answer is really quite obvious. What weapon do we possess that can extract us from this madness? Is there such a sword?


What is THE must powerful institution and influence in the world?  That right, the family. What if  the public were to turn their attention (vision) to the concept of Natural Family, its preservation and promotion? Would we not be well  on our way to healing this dying nation?. As a nation we seemed confused as to what is right and wrong but where is it that we first learn this concept? Where do we learn authority and yes justice? That's right, in the home of course, or at least we should.


Like it or not we are all born with the same human software. An application that comes with a requisite need of a mother and father and it must be of natural form: one man with original plumbing and one women with compatible birth fixtures and in a stable environment. That  means this couple should be in a monogamous, life long relationship committed to their children as well as each other.  This is commonsense stuff folks.  You don't have to be a rocket scientist to get it? 


 Think about this. Abortion, drug, alcohol, child and spousal abuse, Sharia law, divorce, homosexual marriage, pornography, atomization( emphasis on self gratification), heavy taxation, state run education and family courts all have a negative impact on one institution.  What is their sole objective? Every one of these entities has a negative effect on the family, the natural family and each in their own way chips away at the families foundation in a seemingly coordinated effort to destroy the family's very existence.


So why is that important? The history of the United States and other nations, actually this history the world, is quite simply the history of families. And those aforementioned issues that have a negative impact on it are all a result of the unbridled nature of man, thru his habits and his apparent inability to learn from past failures. The results are always the demise of a nation state that is preceded by the destruction of the family -not today's modern family but the natural family .


By the turn of the  20th century, coal miners brought canaries into coal mines as an early-warning signal for toxic gases like carbon monoxide. The birds were an early indicator that the miners would be in trouble as these small animals would become sick before the miners, who would then have a chance to escape or put on protective respirators. In today's America the Natural Family is that early warning system of a nation that is growing deadlier by the day.


 Ok, so there you have it. The past and current history of mankind and the world . IF you care about your family and friends, if you care about your nation, then I pray you catch the vision and see how important it is to defend the family. If you stand by and allow the destruction of the natural family, doing nothing more than complaining about the events that preceded it, then the finger you point is at yourself. 


Getting the word out and educating the general public is critical in our effort to saving the natural family and in turn our great nation.  We need to get to millions and that would be one family, organization, church, business, group, or other areas of influence at a time.  We encourage you to first do your own research on the critical importance of the family  and then talk to your friends, family, business associates, news media contacts, educators , public servants, pastors about the danger that we face.