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During a hotly contested Congressional committee meeting with former Donald Trump fixer Michael Cohen on February 5, 2019, a disgruntled Democrat Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings had a few choice words for his fellow Americans.  He looked into the camera and pointed his finger at President Trump and his basket of deplorables.  What was Lord Cummings' proclamation to these transgressors?  "We are better than this" and "we have got to get back to normal!"

Normal? And better than what? Words have meanings folks, so what exactly are we better than, and what in heaven's name is normal in America according to the prophet Elijah (Cummings) and his progressive disciples?  For instance, this very same week on the other side of Congress, the US Senate failed in an attempt to guarantee 14th amendment rights to every newly born citizen in America.  It seems the bill was defeated at the hands of God fearing Senators; well let's make that feminist fearing Democrats, who support a woman's right to have their newborn child sacrificed at the altar of convenience.  This, despite the fact that the child has already left the mother's womb and, as such, was undeniably no longer a part of her body.  Is that what progressive Congressman Cummings deems to be "normal?" But, wait, there is more, much more, so please consider the following the next time you hear "that's not what America is!" 

To start with what about those babies who manage to survive the abortion gauntlet? Well, youngsters who do manage to skirt America's infanticide holocaust are soon shuffled off to government run schools where they are taught that life has no meaning, morals are relative, man...not God, is the measure of all things, and the state is their daddy. As an added plus and at substantial taxpayer expense, many of these children are purposely confused about their gender, with some eventually making a decision that will haunt them the rest of their lives.  But with today's new norm, this is not considered child abuse?

Countless youngsters struggle with these government run indoctrination centers in various other ways and, in extreme cases, a few these disheartened souls will kill themselves and/or their classmates. Sadly, it is then that we actually find out what it is these young minds of mush have learned. They have obviously learned all too well that life indeed has NO meaning and man IS the measure of all things. You are in control of your own destiny, and there is no apparent purpose for your being here, so go ahead and end your misery...and why not take a friend or two with you? Amen? Hang in their brothers and sisters, 'cause I'm just getting started.

In America approximately 50% of our marriages end in divorce. Don't really need a good reason; if you're bored, tired of married life, want to change your partner or even your problem.  Welcome to normal America.  As a direct result of this no-fault divorce culture, children in America often have multiple sets of parents or just one parent and, in some cases, no parent at all.  For the latter these poor souls will end up having the state as their daddy, where they are run through foster parent mills.  Perhaps this is who we are as Americans? 

Then, there are those couples who don't even bother to get married; they just simply conjugate with one another. When it comes to children, well, these young men and women are just not interested in all the extra work of actually having to be responsible for someone other than themselves. Even those who get married and have children need to be very careful lest their offspring be commandeered and placed by the state in nontraditional homes.  Many of these replacement "families" consist of two mommies, two daddies and/or a problematic guardian.   

Did I tell you that in American society, child abuse, spousal abuse and drug abuse run rampant? Sound familiar? Welcome to modern America's anything goes moral norm. But wait...there is more. In "the land of the free and the home of the brave" we are now finding ourselves rushing to legalize more and more inebriates.  Marijuana is becoming the newest drug choice with other, more dangerous drugs in the pipeline waiting to be streamlined into the veins of American culture.  I guess the buzz is that alcohol just isn't keeping up with the competition and is about to lose its market share. 

Then there are taxes. Newsflash: taxes that are automatically deducted before one receives their paycheck and that goes to welfare is forced charity. Problem is, true charity cannot be forced, so this is actually stealing. We make slaves out of our productive citizens when their hard-earned money is taken forcibly (try not paying your taxes) to give to others who could but won't work to provide housing, food, education, etc. that all too often doesn't get spent on necessities, but is wasted. Single mothers are exceptionally rewarded by the welfare concept, so why bother getting married when one can be betrothed to the state?

Meanwhile, with so much being taken in taxes, coupled with our insane debt and inflation, most working class parents must both work full-time jobs just to make ends meet, leaving their children with friends and, too often, strangers to teach them societal morals - or lack thereof.  In other words, these hard-working and well-intended parents have to turn their heritage over to other institutions in society that, for the most part, lack the natural parent's morals and aspirations, causing many children to eventually be estranged from their birth parents.

And don't miss the newest fad of transgender librarians teaching and witnessing to our young impressionable children - at least those that have not already been successfully programmed by government administrators. We all just need to get along, right? In America we have doors with locks on them to keep strangers out but encourage illegal aliens to come to our country.  Hardworking American's are then forced to feed, provide medical care and provide a roof over the heads for these foreign invaders.  What message does this send? 

The next time you hear the incessant accusations that this is not what American's do, this is not who we are as Americans or that this is not normal, take a good look at what the authors of these insane statements deem to be "normal."  There is now talk of making prostitution legal. It seems that having consensual sex outside of marriage won't hurt anyone, and soon we will be talking about lowering the age of consent. "I guarantee it," as Joe Namath would say.

Next time, when you hear your fellow Americans chastising you for wanting a natural standard instead of today's anything goes norm, please know that what they are telling you is, quite simply, that you now live in an amoral society. A country where black is white and vice versa. Truth and justice have fallen in the streets. You are expected to live up to unnatural standards, as it has been proven that you cannot possibly live up to your own. Is that what you want for your family and friends? Well-paid public servant millionaires like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Elijah Cummings are trying to make you feel guilty for daring to want truth, justice and what used to be the American way. It is they and their unnatural humanist followers who proclaim what America should be like, and they have no problem at all with bulling, harassing and shaming you for not adhering to their views while at the same time claiming that it is they that are the victims. 

Here's a suggestion. When you hear things like "that's not what America is about, that's not what Americans do, we are better than this," try responding by asking a few simple questions. For example, ask who they are talking about and what they are talking about? WARNING. Please do not backup and ask for forgiveness and do not remain silent for fear of offending, as this will be assumed to mean you agree.  Imagine that your children, family and friends are watching, because they are. 

Keep in mind that today's God hating politicians, media and educational leaders adhere to beliefs that selling of baby parts and the murder of new born children is who we are as Americans.  How can they criticize you for not keeping with their standards when they themselves actually have no standards to live by? What you are being asked to do, ladies and gentlemen, is to bargain with the Devil, and we all know how that ends. This is because when it comes down to it, our God hating, truth hating adversaries believe that there are no absolutes, especially when it comes to morals.  They need to believe that, anything goes; natural law can be ignored because according to their experts, it doesn't even exist.  And they are judging you...really? 

You know better, and it is up to you to draw the line in the sand and start pushing back to educate them on what the real America is about. This is still the same America and constitution of our founding fathers that recognized nature and nature's God. I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of being criticized by people that have absolutely not standards at all (other than hate) for my actually having standards. So what do we do?

It is said that the best defense is a good offense. Instead of cowering in corners, why not start with this? Ask these liberal lost souls to be honest with you. Ask them "what would America be like if there was no such thing as divorce?" Leaving your spouse would literally be unheard of, an anomaly.  What if in this America, you are expected to be a virgin before being married and remain with that one mate for your entire life, never straying into anther's bed? What if families, through the leadership of the fathers, were expected to educate their own children and teach them about religion and morals? What if there was order in that family - a family where the father and mother are honored - an institution where a vertical structure exists that teaches all children not only what authority is but to respect it. What if we lived in a society that valued life before birth and in the golden years? In this society the family is the best medical and retirement plan ever invented. Where would we be then?  What if that were the standard to live by; what would Americans be about then?

Yes, the problem in America is a moral one, and where do you think we all obtain our moral teachings?  The best place for learning by nature and design is within the natural family structure. That is because the teachers in the family are much more invested than other institutions in our society. You see, they really do love their students!

I think you get the idea and please understand this is an attainable goal.  If a man can become a woman, if evolution can be believed and climate change a supposed proven threat, then going back to a natural family standard is just as attainable.  Actually, if you test the theories against one another you shouldn't be surprised to find that the natural family is the most provable. History, contemporary sociologists and our prison systems all attest to this fact.  

So the next time you hear "that's not what Americans are about", please say "What if" or what are you talking about?" And I recommend being prepared to talk about the family. "As goes the goes the nation."  And if you need some help, check out our natural family plan on our website. States, nations, tribes, all start with the family. The stronger the family, the stronger the individual, and the stronger the individual, the stronger the society. End of story.